Are You Interested In A Trade School?


During your senior year of high school did you already know that you would not attend a college or a university? Maybe sitting in a classroom was downright boring for you. Perhaps you have always wanted to do a hands-on job where you learn skills at a trade school. From talking to many individuals who work in different trades to attending a trade school that also offered free apprenticeships, here are some ideas that might help you.

Free Apprenticeship

Can you imagine a job where you get paid as you learn a skill? You've probably heard or read about the "olden days" where young people learned a trade but didn't get paid for the time they spent working. That's not the case today. Consider looking into trade schools that offer an apprenticeship program. Whether you want to be a carpenter, a repair person, an electrician, or a plumber, or you want to have pretty much any other skill that the free apprenticeship trade school offers, you'll be working with individuals who are already skilled and who will teach you everything you need to know about your chosen occupation.

While you will be earning money as you learn your trade or your skill, there will more than likely still be certain requirements that need to be met before you will be fully certified. Find out ahead of time how long you will be in the apprenticeship program before you will be able to work on your own. Expect some classroom learning, too. For example, if you are training to be an electrician, you will learn the basics along with other students at the trade school. 

Do Some Research

If you are still in high school, consider talking to individuals regarding their own employment. For example, if carpentry fascinates you, think of talking to people who work as carpenters. Find out how they got their training, how long it took, and whether they needed certification for the jobs they do. The same goes for any field you are interested in. Ask individuals if they love their job and if they look forward to getting up in the morning to get to work.

Tactfully find out if the job they selected pays well enough to maintain a family. What are the perks of the job? Think, too, of going to your local library to research different jobs. The librarian will be happy to direct you to the area that contains books about employment and about different occupations. 

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25 February 2019

Learning More In Trade School

I have never been a great book-learner, which is why I decided to see about going to trade school instead of traditional college. I wanted to get right into a career, instead of taking years of meaningless classes along the way. As soon as I enrolled, I could tell that I had made the right decision. My classes were interesting, fun, and they taught me a lot. I actually think that I learned more in my first semester of trade school than I did in a year's worth of traditional school--largely in part because the subject was interesting to me. I made this blog to help other people learn more about the benefits of trade school.